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Reasons to use our services

1. Experienced Technicians that have seen every type of soil condition even yours.

2. Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Systems: To give you the best cleaning possible, you'll get our 13 step system on your carpet to achieve maximum soil removal without over-wetting or leaving residue.

3. Hire us Risk-FREE with a 100% Guarantee: "If you're not happy, you don't pay". If, after cleaning a small area, you aren't happy with the results, we'll leave and you’ll OWE NOTHING.

4. No Spots Returning Guarantee: If any spots return within 30 days, we'll come back to take care of them for you AT NO CHARGE (excluding pet stains).

5. Feel at Ease With Uniformed, Pleasant and Careful Technicians: You will be extremely pleased with the high caliber of employees that we send to your home.

6. Convenient One Call Service: We can clean carpets, rugs, tile and grout, house cleaning, leather, or upholstery for you.

7. No Waiting Around For Us To Show Up. We give you a one-hour window for our arrival time and show within that window or we will give you FREE fabric protector in at least one room.

8. Improve Your Family's Health: Our cleaning systems use hot water, which aide in killing bacteria and germs as well as extraction that pulls soil into a holding tank on our van mounted machines.

9. Fastest Drying Times: Your carpet is dry normally under 24 hours with our cleaning system. Fast drying prohibits mold growth and prevents spots from returning.

10. State-of-the-art Equipment: Each of our vans are equipped with over $20,000 of the most advanced equipment known to the cleaning industry.

11. Honest, accurate pricing: We charge strictly by room. There are no hidden costs for pre- spotting or vacuuming.

12. FREE bottle of professional spot remover: You get a FREE bottle of great spot remover.



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