Leather Cleaning

Why Maintain Leather?

Before it became leather, nature took care of feeding, cleaning and repairing the animals’ skin. The chemicals used in tanning the leather, only preserve the usefulness of the skin for a much longer period of time. Nature is no longer able to do what it once did. The responsibility now becomes that of the 'new owner'. Regular cleaning and replenishment of natural oils, will keep the leather, and its' finish, in good condition for a very long time. Dirt and grime which have accumulated on the surface will be removed and the oils be replaced with our professional leather cleaner and conditioner.

Leather Protection

This protects leather from staining, soiling, cracking and premature aging, by providing a protective shield to the surface of the leather as well as the essential oils and lubrication that it needs to remain soft and supple. Our product application penetrates easily into the fibers of leather providing a barrier between the leather and foreign material such as oils, liquids, alcohol, normal dirt, soiling and much more. This barrier makes regular cleaning and maintenance much easier while keeping the leather looking immaculate. Leather Protection will provide natural lubrication to keep the fibers and finish from breaking, cracking and tearing under friction.



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